During the conference, we had three very interesting keynotes. Would you like to know what they were about?

18th October. In the field of Testing, career progression is often complex and filled with challenges. It’s not merely a linear journey; it involves facing various unprecedented situations throughout one’s career. Organizations continuously evolve, driven by changing goals and objectives, leading to uncertainties in career paths. These challenges aren’t solely technical; they extend to company culture, shifting development methodologies, managing difficult stakeholders, navigating office politics, and fostering new relationships.

When transitioning to a new role or organization, the need for quick skill acquisition is common. Mentorship is a powerful resource to gain support and guidance from experienced mentors, accelerating personal and professional growth. However, many testers struggle to understand when and how to find a mentor and make the most of this unique relationship. During their Keynote, Mike Jarred and Sarah Ghaswala explored the “4 W’s” of mentoring—When, What, Why, and Who—to guide QA&TEST audience on finding and leveraging mentors effectively. Drawing from his experiences as both a mentee and mentor, they illustrated the advantages of mentorship.

19th October. While Thomas Edison is renowned for his numerous inventions, such as the phonograph and the incandescent light bulb, which he patented, today, innovation is not confined to a select few individuals or organizations. Innovation flourishes through diversity, as distinct perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds often give rise to novel and groundbreaking ideas. Innovators from all walks of life and varied backgrounds have the opportunity to seek patents to protect their unique concepts and innovations. In this presentation, Alex Nayshtut made us delve into the innovations that occur in our daily work in the field of testing and QA and explored how these innovations can be translated into patents.

20th October. The Evolution of CI/CD. Over the past decade, there has been an unceasing drive to accelerate software delivery. Automated testing has emerged as a pivotal technology for facilitating the scaling of software delivery. In this keynote, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the visionary mind behind Jenkins and a co-founder of Launchable, imparted valuable insights into the evolving trends and methodologies within the realm of testing, shedding light on the domains where AI/ML is making significant inroads.