If this is true, manual testing is a thing of the past.

Do not miss this wave! Reshape your SW testing. Get ready for a future of limitless possibilities.

A great conference QA&TEST Embedded Conference in Bilbao this year will bring an incredible lineup. I’m honored to be part of it and share the idea of autonomous testing with you.

Gartner predicts in their “Agile Hype Cycle for Agile and DevOps, 2022” report that autonomous testing is one of the next big things. It is predicted that it will become a standard approach for Agile/DevOps teams in 2-5 years (… OR to die ⚰️☠️ if it does not take off)

The Autonomous Testing … another crazy idea 🫣 in testing… or maybe not 🤔?

The test automation. A standard testing approach nowadays. Especially the regression testing. To achieve and maintain it there’s still hard work with a lot of pain in it: scope definition, scripting, maintenance, test data preparation, etc.

With advanced algorithms powered by AI/ML learning, we are spotting a new trend: we can easily deliver more with fewer humans. Autonomous testing is a better test automation where the activities are becoming less complex and with less effort required.

It was never more difficult to hire (or upskill) and keep the right skilled people in software testing. If you are succeeding in it, share your secret sauce.

Lowering the bar for entering the job and empowering test automation engineers with better approaches (autonomous testing) seems to be the right move.

There are 2 options to get closer to an autonomous testing approach:

  1. Introduce your testing bots: Instead of building single-purpose automation, we can nowadays implement generic bots. It is also predicted by Forrester.
  2. Baby steps to improve your test automation: If you think about the idea “less radically” I believe the baby steps might bring us there as well. Improving our test automation might be done by introducing features like self-healing locators, better test data generation, test scenario generation, dynamic page object models, predictive scope selection, better reporting, and automatic failure clustering.

If you can’t believe it could work, join us at conference QA&TEST Embedded Conference in Bilbao. We are building bots for visual testing and will showcase how it could work. It will be not only about bots, but I’ll also introduce the general idea of autonomous testing. Join us in Bilbao, improve yourself, and learn how you could improve your testing approach as well.

Marcel, the crazy innovative ideas pioneer 😉