QA&TEST is a place to share knowledge, learn and network with the international testing and QA community. The atmosphere created during the celebration of our conferences is key to enjoy the maximum benefits we can get from our participation. Therefore, to guarantee the environment we look for during QA&TEST, we expect our participants (attendees, speakers, exhibitors and supporters) to agree with our Code of Conduct.

SQS, the organising company of QA&TEST conferences, will enforce this code throughout the event.

Inappropriate behaviours we won’t accept:

Physical and verbal harassment, including (but not limited to)

  • Offensive verbal comments related to gender, race, religion, disability, appearance…
  • Sexual harassment of any kind: inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention
  • Invasion of privacy, stalking

Disrespectful conducts during talks:

Continuous interruptions, disruptive or noisy behaviours

Represent a security or health & safety risk to the conference or to any participant or person involved in the event

In case we detect, or are informed about, violations of this Code of Conduct, we will take appropriate action. Participants asked to stop any misbehaviour are expected to comply immediately or event organisers will take the necessary actions, from warning to conference hall access removal.  If needed, we will contact venue security or local authorities.

How to report a violation of this Code of Conduct:

If you are involved or have witnessed a violation of this Code, please contact our SQS/QA&TEST Team, we are always available around the conference and at the information desk.

We will investigate confidentially all reported misbehaviours and take the necessary actions. If required, we will assist participants to guarantee their safety during the event.