The conference, organised by Software Quality Systems (SQS) opened its doors with two tutorials that received an exceptional response. The first of them was led by Ard Kramer.
Ard emphasized the dual nature of testing, as both a craft and a job, highlighted the challenges of developing and maintaining a test strategy amidst the daily rituals and external pressures. He introduced the RiskStorming session format as an effective means to collaboratively generate a visible test strategy. This format leveraged the diversity of team members to answer critical questions regarding how to test for risks affecting essential product aspects. The presentation outlined the three key phases of this format:·        identifying critical quality aspects
·        pinpointing risks to those aspects
·        devising testing methods to mitigate those risksThe second one was led by Marcel Veselka.  Those who attendded this workshop gained a comprehensive understanding of the impact autonomous bots had on the software development process. They learned how to optimize their testing strategies using the platform’s advanced features, such as intelligent test case generation and visual diff analysis. The workshop covered a range of topics from traditional visual testing to fully autonomous visual testing, with examples and exercises. This inclusive workshop catered to participants with varying levels of automation skills.