The speaker’s team has expanded upon the original concept introduced by James Lyndsay and Claudiu Draghia, resulting in the creation of hardware devices used as demonstration and teaching tools at testing conferences. These devices, known as “black-boxes,” consist of boxes containing Arduino microcontrollers. Through the participation of unsuspecting volunteers, the team allows them to uncover the inner workings of each box and presents their findings to the audience. This interactive demonstration highlights certain cognitive biases inherent in human brains and emphasizes the importance of avoiding them in testing.

Alex Todorov, with over 15 years of experience, is a seasoned testing consultant, QA engineer, and Python hacker. He has an extensive background, having served as a test lead for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and worked on diverse projects ranging from Pascal compilers to blockchain applications. In addition to his professional pursuits, Alex dedicates his time to personal development and actively contributes to various test-related tools. Some notable contributions include Cosmic Ray, a mutation-testing tool, pylint-django, a static analysis tool, and Kiwi TCMS, a widely used test management system.