Alex Todorov

Kiwi TCMS (Bulgary)

Black-box testing with open source hardware

My team has built upon an original idea from James Lyndsay and Claudiu Draghia and created hardware devices which we use as demonstration and teaching tools at testing conferences. They are called the “black-boxes” and literally represent a box with an Arduino inside. Using the help of unsuspecting volunteers we’ll let them figure out how each box works and demonstrate that to the audience, showcasing some key biases that we have in our human brains and why it is important to avoid them.

Alex is a testing consultant, QA engineer and Python hacker with 15+ years of experience. He is a former test lead for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and has tested everything from Pascal compilers to blockchain applications. Alex loves everything open source, public speaking, cooking with wine and riding fast motorcycles! He spends his time developing for fun and contributing to various test related tools including Cosmic Ray (mutation-testing), pylint-django (static analysis) and Kiwi TCMS – a popular test management system.