Indranil Sinha

Marginalen Bank (Sweden)

What happens to test automation when software meets hardware?

Electronic Identification of individual has become common in Europe and Sweden and other Nordic countries are no exception. 96.5% Swedes, aged between 18 and 67 years, have mobile BankId, an electronic form of identity proof. When it came to test automation scenario, involving BankId signing, we got stuck. We were unable to automate BankId signing process. Indranil’s team has conceptualized and implemented an innovative solution which helps test automation developers to overcome BankId signing related challenges in end-to-end test automation scenarios. This solution has been implemented in many backend and frontend test scenarios and the same principle was applied to overcome “FrejaID” related test automation challenge. These two solutions have been presented by Indranil at European software testing conferences and seems to be unique. In his speech, Indranil will demo these two innovative solutions.

Born and brought up in Calcutta, India, Indranil has been living in Stockholm, Sweden since 2004. Before accidentally starting his career in software testing, Indranil had been a trained experimental researcher in cancer biology. After obtaining a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, Indranil pursued two post-doctoral assignments at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. In 2011, he got a three-month assignment to work at Marginalen Bank within IT. There he found himself exposed to an interesting field of IT in Banking and slowly started to learn new things. 10 years later, he became the founder of brand-new QA department at the same bank and the head of the department. Indranil started his public speaking career at software testing conferences in 2021 and he has coined the terms “Test Automanuation” and “Test Autobahn”, two powerful tools in software test automation, innovated under his leadership. With direct support from his organization, Indranil conducted probably the very first software testing conference in Banking and Finance in Stockholm STCBF 2021 and STCBF 2022. One of his innovative work, Test Autobahn, had been selected as EuroSTAR RisingStar Award finalist 2022. Indranil enjoys helping people, inspiring people to start their career in software testing, giving people an opportunity to become software testers, brainstorming new ideas, spending time with his wife and their three children and travelling in Europe.