Zuzanna Bienkell

Marginalen Bank (Sweden)

Mobile test automation of instant payments via Rix-Inst

Swish is an app used for instant payments between private customers and between private and business customers. I would like to present to you how this seemingly simple flow icludes several verification points, not only limited to the app. There are several ways of triggering the flow and several systems that need to be checked. This makes the instant payment flow quite complex, making test automation a necessary part in the testing process. Framework that I would like to demo is a combination of front-end test automation techniques like Appium, Selenium WebDriver and Atata. And the real Android device is used for test execution.

Multilateral technical QA engineer including over 15 years’ experience of software testing, test automation and test management. During the whole career within IT and test field Zuzanna has gained a lot of experience and expertise within several interesting industries such as retail, insurances, travel, telecom and now – banking.

Through the years Zuzanna has acquired deep technical understanding of software development and processes with qualified experience of TDD, Object Oriented Programming, .Net C#, Selenium WebDriver, HTML, Git, SQL Server and more. Her comprehensive knowledge about back-end and front-end techniques allows collaboration on the application code base making test to an integrated and natural part of the development processes. Since February 2022 Zuzanna has been leading a testing process of different banking solutions in collaboration with several distributed teams.