Spyros Katopodis

Zebra Technologies (United Kingdom)

Using AI and Agile Technologies to Shape the Future of QA

Though there are several answers to that question, I’ve seen There are many advantages to test automation – and to giving your human testers AI tools to assist with exploratory and performance testing. My colleagues and I are often asked, “How should I be using Agile methodologies and AI in my business? Where can it be most impactful?” AI making significant strides in the field of testing and quality assurance (QA), revolutionising the way software is tested and ensuring higher levels of accuracy and efficiency. One of the most significant contributions of AI in testing is test automation. Traditionally, software testing has been a laborious and time-consuming process, often prone to human errors. However, AI-powered testing tools can now automate repetitive test cases, allowing your QA teams to focus on more complex scenarios. AI-driven test automation not only saves time but also enhances test coverage, leading to more reliable software releases. AI holds promise in aiding QA testers in the creation of automation scripts. QA engineers possess distinctly different skills compared to software engineers. Currently, scripting demands a portion of software engineering expertise, which can pose challenges. The expectation is that AI will support your QA engineers in crafting these automation scripts.

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(CSM) at Zebra Technologies with experience on Cloud Services and a keen interest in Global Business. Spyros started his career in Quality Assurance with a start-up company in London that was focusing on Visual Search and AI Image Recognition technology (Computer Vision/Machine and Deep Learning). He holds an MPhil in Hybrid Cloud Service Security Certifications, an MEng in Computer Engineering and an MBA. His interest in business and in the global market combined with his passion for Quality Assurance led him to Zebra Technologies where he is leading the global Quality Assurance and Testing teams. As a Scrum Master with 10 years of experience, Spyros has developed a mindset of team agility and engagement and, as a manager he has been committed to team empowerment and to providing clear direction and support to team members. As proactive leader, he is highly motivated, flexible, always adapting to the constant changes of the market and the business.