Juan Carlos Sánchez Mirabal

Werfen (Spain)

Prompt engineering in SW test: Accelerating SW test

The field of prompt engineering has emerged as a prominent focus within numerous organizations, signaling a significant trend in contemporary operations. Its widespread adoption has expedited various processes, particularly in tasks such as document creation, information extraction from existing documents, and code generation. Within the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) development, prompt engineering assumes a pivotal role. This practice revolves around the meticulous crafting of prompts or instructions directed towards language models or AI systems. Such prompts serve as crucial guiding elements, influencing the model's responses and regulating its behavior with utmost precision and makes the difference about a precise answer or a complete garbage.

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I began my career as a software developer in the banking industry, but after a year, I transitioned to the embedded world. I spent five years at Hewlett Packard developing software for large format printers. 25 years ago, I joined Werfen in the area of embedded and in vitro diagnostics, where I played various roles over the years, including Test Engineer, Test Leader, Test Manager, SW Project Manager, and SW Manager. During this time, I transitioned from using the Unified Process to Scrum for medical devices and led teams that were geographically distributed. Throughout all of these roles, I always prioritized quality, especially during development activities.