Dr. Ir. Machiel van der Bijl

Axini (The Netherlands)

Bughunt! A hands-on workshop on model-based testing

This is a hands-on workshop about the application of model-based testing. Machiel has setup an environment in which the participants will go on a bug hunt. They will model and test several implementations of an IoT smart door and have to hunt for the bugs that we put in (most) of them. They do this by modeling the requirements that they get. In this learn by doing approach they learn MBT by directly applying it to a practical case in the Axini Platform.

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Machiel van der Bijl is CEO and co-founder of Axini, The Netherlands, a company specialized in modeling and model-based testing. Machiel holds a PhD in computer science and has a broad experience in computer science both theoretical and practical.. Axini makes the Axini Modeling Platform that supports test-automation without the need to program and maintain test-scripts. The technique under the hood is called model-based testing. Based on these models, the platform automates the entire test-process. Our users are in the high-tech, rail and finance industries. They have a proven track-record with our solution to shorten their time to production, while increasing their software/system quality.