Benjamin Jurg

BeDif (The Netherlands)

Do you smell something funny too?

Having done many audits in my live, I developed a certain smell detector in my head: Reading a document I can smell something is off which triggers questions that reveil underlying problems and risks. I noticed that not everybody has the same skillset to identify these smells towards asking impactful questions in an audit. In addition I noticed that I was not equally sharp myself in each audit. Sometimes I could bring true pain points to the surface, and sometimes I was blind to obvious issues. So I developed Amarula to detect those smells automatically, to support myself in doing audits faster, with consistently higher quality and help others improving their auditing capabilities. I would love to share my experience in finding triggers in an audit and how innovation can help in improving quality.

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I am passionate about MedTech, software and quality as I believe I can make an impact in this area. With my experience in both business and quality I have developed my communication and leadership skills to be highly effective and efficient in senior quality roles. I believe the alignment on organization, process and tools is essential for a successful solution and I have the fortune to have build up experience and expertise in each of these areas.