Daniel Charles Chittenden

Q Nation (Dinamarca)
TRACK 1: Test Management
20 de Octubre | 12:30 – 13:30

Modern Embedding Testing

As a test manager for consumer products I am constantly faced with new and challenging ways to ensure a project’s Time To Market. 

This leads to new trends in embedded testing:

  • Solution Testing will need to jump out of the embedded world and embrace the entire system, end to end. We are seeing this in many real-world systems e.g. IoT full stack solutions, inhouse climate control and entertainment systems, etc.
  • As embedded Monolithic kernel systems are progressing towards cheaper and more powerful solutions, embedded testing is taking a broader approach to keep up with this positive trend.
    This is opening up for more wide range testing that was only possible in large scale ERP systems.
  • Testing needs to be more adaptive. The push for faster and more functionality on embedded consumer electronics products including,
    High speed WIFI, integrated cloud based systems and 24/7 connections etc. means embedded systems race to meet this demand.

Daniel has a background as B.Sc.E.E with +20 years in software development, 15 years in software testing and embedded systems

Working in all aspects of software development with a major focus and passion for quality and test.

Using agile techniques and test design techniques