Balaji Srinivasan

Nordic Semiconductor (Norway)

Starting Strong in Embedded Projects

Starting a new embedded project presents unique challenges, especially with continuously shifting requirements and evolving technology. This talk aims to guide both new and experienced engineers through establishing a solid foundation for their projects. We'll discuss strategies for implementing a robust CI/CD pipeline from the start, selecting essential tools for code analysis and testing frameworks, and creating an effective team structure to ensure continuous delivery. The session will also cover building an efficient test infrastructure, with an emphasis on containerized tests and incorporating hardware in the loop to better simulate real-world conditions. Attendees will learn practical approaches to establish and manage their testing environments effectively. Designed for testers at all experience levels, this presentation will equip you with the necessary knowledge to confidently and effectively tackle the complexities of embedded projects.

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Balaji is an Embedded software developer with over 20 years of software industry experience. He has been developing and testing firmware for low power wireless chips for the past 12 years. His area of expertise includes Bluetooth Low Energy, cellular IOT, and low level firmware development. He is passionate about CI/CD and test automation. His recent adventures involve writing zephyr RTOS based firmware for constrained devices and automated testing.