Marjolein Pordon

Praegus (Netherlands)

In today's technology-driven world, the environmental impact of software development cannot be overlooked. This presentation explores the integration of environmental sustainability as a non-functional testing requirement, highlighting its significance, implementation strategies, and the benefits it brings to both the environment and businesses. We delve into various models and frameworks, such as the Green Software Engineering Model, Sustainable Software Lifecycle (SLC) Model, and ISO/IEC 25010 Standard, which provide structured approaches to embedding sustainability into the software development lifecycle.

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My name is Marjolein Pordon, and I am a low-code and green software enthusiast from the Netherlands. (For non-Dutchies: you can pronounce my first name as: Mar-Yo-Line.) I am a low-code quality consultant, test specialist and evangelist. I enjoy helping companies enhance the quality of their low-code applications by emphasizing the specific risks of low-code application development, devise an appropriate test strategy and manage and/or conduct the test phases to be able to give a sound judgment about the quality of the system with a keen eye for the environmental impact of the software. I am member of the Green software foundation community in the Netherlands and on the program commity of the Heliview Green IT conference.