Miloš Mladenović

Quectel (Serbia)
TRACK 2: Test Automation
20 de Octubre | 14:30 – 15:30

Embedded systems testing – from scripts to frameworks

With increase in capabilities of SoC, their implementations and new products, there is even bigger need for testing. To be able to fully test a product before releasing to the market, all types of testing must be covered. Due to always short time to perform testing and retesting, it is the best practice to analyze and implement automation testing, in any form applicable. As embedded systems are quite specialized so test automation solutions must be custom and adapted to the hardware, and software running on it.

In my presentation I will take you to journey of covering automation testing from scripts to frameworks. This paper is focused mostly on the functional automated testing of IoT modules, with the tests being run outside of the module using its interfaces as well as inside SoC.

Graduated from School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade in 2016. Master of Science achieved in 2019. Having a special interest in IoT industry, first projects in that field are made during studies by making a GPS locator using STM microcontroller and WiFi module by which the GPS data were transmitted to IoT platform and read from a mobile phone. Masters thesis was a transmission and displaying data from ECG in real time on IoT cloud platform and analyzing gathered data in Matlab (heart rate variability). Being interested in electronics, a device for collecting a bee venom which is used in medicine was developed recently.

QA test engineer role started from 2018 until present. Former senior test engineer for infotainment systems. Currently testing LTE modules both manually and automatically. Development of automated scripts in Python and Bash. Working with various laboratory equipment used for hardware testing.