Joep Slenter

Vanderlande Industries (Países Bajos)
Track 5: Testing AI
30 de Octubre | 10:30 – 11:15

Testing Future Predictive Artificial Intelligence

What if someone told you that Artificial Intelligence is currently managing human road agents in the Netherlands, based on future predictive analysis? Building a system like that is already a challenging task, but how about testing it? As a tester it becomes even more interesting if you realise that the system is providing an outcome that is hard to predict as a human.

For ‘Rijkswaterstaat’ (executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) an AI is put to work that manages road agents based on predictive analysis. By predicting the chances of accidents that may take place at a given time, the AI instructs road agents on the Dutch highways were they should position themselves.

The presentation ‘Testing Future Predictive Artificial Intelligence’ hopefully sheds some light on how an AI can be tested for as far this is possible. Moreover it addresses the paradigm of ‘Software 2.0’ development, which also requires a mind shift in the world of testing.

With a background in interaction design & development Joep Slenter has a top-down view on innovative solutions and opportunities with a broad interest, knowledge and experience. He enjoys working with other people in small and large teams, national and international. Colleagues often describe him as having ‘strong communication skills’ and being ‘highly motivational’.

As a freelance high-tech developer with a passion for proper software design and development he worked for a variety of companies, among which are Zebra Technologies, Vanderlande Industries and Naspers.

Solutions he worked on; physical installations & embedded systems, medical (mobile, web, server) applications and the implementation of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery with microservices. Currently Joep is helping Numerico Technologies with developing their AI system for Incident Risk Prediction and Response on the Dutch highways.