Eleonora Perversi

FacilityLive (Italia)
Track 2: Validation and Verification Strategies
28 de Octubre | 15:00 – 15:45

In-depth tests on Microservices in a cloud-based platform

In this talk we present a testing architecture on a Kubernetes cloud-based platform, which allows performing in-depth tests on Microservices. Throughout the talk we point out the aspects which make our testing architecture integral part of the company product, allowing us to achieve the main goals of continuous testing.

A fundamental aspect to achieve continuous testing is that our QA Team is organized into three subgroups, each dealing with a specific type of test: BackEnd, FrontEnd and Perfomance tests.

A key problem that we faced is that some Microservices, including the database, do not expose public APIs and one cannot directly test them from a public environment. These Microservices interact with others by internal REST APIs or with an event-driven communication. In both cases, we managed to solve the problem since our testing tool, a customized version of Apache jMeter, can be deployed as a Microservice in the Kubernetes Cluster, both in master and slave mode.

Other remarkable aspects of our testing architecture are the blue/green deployment, the re-usable modularity structure of our scripts, the shift-left approach and the versioning of the test repository linked with the versioning of the Microservices.

I am a Software BackEnd Tester at FacilityLive, an Italian startup based in Pavia.
I was born in Pavia, Italy on 6th December 1987.
I studied Mathematics at the University of Pavia and, after the master degree, I took my Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics on December 2014.
In the next two years, I had as a PostDoctoral position at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Pavia.
During my research experience, I published four papers concerning Probability Models applied to Economics and to Physics concerning the study of gases. I had a talk at AMASES 2016 Conference presenting my results on application to Economics. I have been invited to two seminars, one at Roma La Sapienza for my studies in economics and one at CERN for popularization of Mathematics to high school students.
On January 2017 I entered FacilityLive Graduate Programme and I joined the QA Team. From December 2017, my area of expertise is BackEnd testing.
In November 2017 I got the “Performance Testing with JMeter and BlazeMeter” certification from Abstracta.