Derk-Jan de Grood

Squerist (Paises Bajos)
TRACK 2: Test Automation
20 October | 16:30 – 17:30

Full circle of Test Automation

Test automation is a key practice these days. But how come that I see so many organizations still relying on manual tests. In this presentation we look at continues cycles in test automation. Derk-Jan will share the journey he made while trying to implement test automation practices at various organizations. He’ll compare his experience with today’s state of automation. For this talk he brought some friends along that and together we’ll discover how much has changed and what challenges seem to be consistent. Test automation is about testing. But automating tests forces us to think about requisites, maturity, and business cases. Test automation can be used to drive test improvements. But: What if you have a test automation framework, but the tests just ain’t no good? Does that mean you are back to square one? We’ll explore a successful marriage between testing and automation and explain why the success of AUTOMATION actually lies in automating good TESTS. With contributions from Eric de Graaf and Rene van Veldhuijzen.

Derk-Jan de Grood works as agile transition coach for Squerist. He has worked for organizations like ING Bank, RTL, DPD, Nationale Nederlanden and Greenchoice and supported them in their Agile Transformation. He wrote several successful books and frequently publishes articles and columns for the major magazines. In 2014 he won the EuroSTAR testing excellence award. This year he published his 8th book called “The waves of Agile” which deals with value delivery in medium and large organizations. Derk-Jan is an experienced trainer, workshop host and a regular (keynote) speaker at conference like Agile Business Day Venice, XP Days Copenhagen, Selenium Days Ney Zealand and the Agile Testing Days and STAR conferences in Europe and America. On his own blog he shares his knowledge and experience for everyone to benefit.

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