Bob Harnisch

ProRail (Países Bajos)
Track 2: Validation and Verification Strategies
28 de Octubre | 15:45 – 16:30

How to test an optimization algorithm

Imagine this: one of the software components in your project is an optimization algorithm and there are no clear specifications what that optimum is.

How can you test the correctness of the algorithm and how do you test if it is indeed the optimum solution, like shortest route, least annoyance for passengers or smallest safe working area? Would allowing more iterations of the algorithms calculation lead to a better result? And is the optimum solutions really the best solution? If you do not know the best test approach, would trial and error testing be a good option?

This presentation will share the experience of projects with an optimization algorithm: issues you have to consider and how the actual validation was performed.

In addition it presents a test strategy to start validating the algorithm in the earliest stages of an agile project.
It does not present the golden solution, but it gives enough takeaways for a test approach for optimization algorithms.

Bob Harnisch has IT experience since 1981 as a department manager, test manager, project manager, quality manager, software architect and programmer in many different areas of industry and government like Aerospace, Airlines, Defense, Process Control Industry and Logistics. He is working at ProRail (Dutch company for rail infrastructure management) since 2004. He is one of the senior test managers in that department.

Bob was (keynote) speaker at different conferences like QA&Test and Eurstar.