Bladimir de la Hoz

HP (Spain)
TRACK 7: Testing Techniques
30 October | 16:00 – 16:45

testCAD an IDE for Test Design

The idea behind it is to keep the system structure data and the test design in a manner that allows for deriving test cases using the system structure data itself.

The concept allows to keep the test cases design within the catalog resources, this way the test cases contain the information required to trace back the design criteria and make modifications to the test case based on objective criteria and allowing for management the learning obtained from previous designs results.

The tool innovates the test design management with a unified GUI that allows to generate combinations and analyse graphical representations of workflows as Finite State Machines and generate test sequences applying the N-1 Switch (aka Chow) criteria.

I was born in Santa Clara, Cuba in 1969, I’ve graduated from Chemical Engineering in 1993 and did my master’s degree in Electronics in year 2000.

I’ve worked ever since in the design and implementation of Data Acquisition and analysis systems both hardware and software and now as Software Quality Lead for the HP Inc Large Format Printers Division in Barcelona.

I’m a self-taught programmer who enjoys developing and views software testing as an investigation field applied to the industry.

testCAD is a Graphical test design application thought to ease the maintenance of test catalogs.