Bilbao is a vibrant city located in the Basque Country, in northern Spain. It offers a wide range of attractions, cultural experiences, and natural beauty, making it a wonderful place to enjoy!

The iconic Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a must-see attraction. Designed by Frank Gehry, the museum is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. Inside, you’ll find an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.

Strolling through Bilbao’s charming Old Town is a delightful experience. It’s filled with narrow streets, historic buildings, and bustling plazas. You can explore traditional shops, taste delicious pintxos (Basque tapas), and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Bilbao is known for its excellent gastronomy. The city boasts numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as traditional eateries where you can savor local specialties like bacalao al pil-pil or txangurro.

Besides, Bilbao is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. The nearby mountains and coastline offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, and beach relaxation.

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