Aware of the importance of embedded software in this sector, QA&TEST 2018 will dedicate a complete track to Rails & Roads.

The keynote speaker Michiel Vroon will open the track “Testing road tunnels in the Netherlands” and this complex infrastructural project will be a perfect starting point for the Rail and Roads track. Throughout his 20 years of experience in the world of testing, Michiel has covered all kinds of functions, such as test automation engineer, analyst, director and testing advisor. In his presentation he will explain his experience as test director of road tunnel safety systems, which include up to 30 different systems, such as fire safety, traffic monitoring, air ventilation, lighting, etc., and all of them should work together through a separate software layer. In his keynote, Michiel will show which are the best practices when facing these challenges and how to propose a strategy, based on his experience along several projects.

The Committee has released three of the names that will make up the track Rail and Roads: Daniel Nilsson, Michal Krześlak and Madeline Cheah. The Swedish Daniel Nilsson, from QualityMinds company, will focus his talk on test automation and model-based testing within the automotive industry, where the complexity of software is constantly increasing, and where it is essential to review the way of working with tests. It is necessary to look at new methods and new technologies and review the strategies. He will base his presentation on a real case in which his team was involved and will make known the main conclusions and lessons learned.

Michal Krześlak, meanwhile, will focus on the embedded testing for railway vehicles. He will present the use case and the lessons learned during one of the most important testing projects of his career: the testing of the main driver software for railway vehicles. It was essential to automated test of complex functions related with tractive/braking effort calculation and monitoring.

And the third presentation of this track will be done by Madeline Cheah, whose doctorate in Automotive Cybersecurity certifies her as an expert in systematic security evaluations on automotive interfaces. Throughout her presentation, she will show how the difficulty is compounded by operational and design factors and practices that feature in the automotive industry.


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